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Savannah Marshall has been meticulously preparing for her shot at Franchon Crews-Dezurn’s undisputed super middleweight title on July 1st.

She’s been training hard, doing heavy physical sparring sessions, and more. But even then, Marshall wasn’t ready for the American’s unique approach to filming ” The gloves are off.

“All the emotions were there. It was sung. There were tears, there was a little defense. There was a bit of gratitude,” Marshall said Sky Sports afterward. “Strange.”

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Undisputed champion Franchon Crews-Dezurn sent a strong message to challenger Savannah Marshall

Crews-Dezurn didn’t finish off with the kind of trash talk one usually sees in boxing. Instead, she memorably broke out into song to celebrate her own championship status.

The American is a unique character in boxing. Crews-Dezurn also left no doubt that while still in possession of her four title belts, she is determined to finish her fight in Manchester.

She said directly to Marshall, “Savannah is a pit stop for me. Disrespectful, disrespectful. My mission is so much bigger. And if I have to go through you guys, through hell, the British fans, to make my heaven, it will happen.”

Crew-Dezurn also condemned Marshall for failing to take responsibility for her loss to Claressa Shields.

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Claressa Shields says she would love to fight and beat Savannah Marshall again but believes Marshall’s fight with Franchon Crews-Dezurn for the undisputed super middleweight title is too early

“Boxing is not a team sport. You get support from your trainers. Yes, your training partner is by your side, but if you and I are in the ring, or you and whoever is in the ring, then the two of you are just two,” said the American.

“If you lose, you can blame yourself. If I lose, they throw me away.”

In response to Crews-Dezurn’s claim that she was “light work,” Marshall said, “That’s a lie.”

The Brit is determined to be a champion again. “I want it more than ever,” she said. “I yearn for it.

“I can’t get away after this defeat. I can’t get away with nothing. i want the belts I want to be known as a champion.”

Franchon Crews-Dezurn vs. Savannah Marshall: The gloves are off appears on Sunday

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