Tony Khan reveals backstage details behind MJF’s “Steiner Math” promo on AEW Dynamite

AEW World Champion MJF (left) and Scott Steiner (right)

AEW supremo Tony Khan has shed more light on MJF’s “Steiner Math” promo on Dynamite from a few days back.

The AEW World Champion cut a promo on Samoa Joe, which was identical to an infamous Scott Steiner promo from TNA, now Impact Wrestling.

Tony Khan has now revealed to The Insider who came up with the idea and how they planned on executing it.

Khan said:

“That particular one was him [MJF]. Wrestling is all about collaborations and I really enjoy having that connection and the ability to create stories… We were putting down ideas for the week’s shows, and he did say that and it was a great idea. That’s how I like to put stories together. Sit down with MJF and Adam Cole, the three of us, and talk. I’ve shot videos with the two of them and they have this great partnership,” he said. [H/T Insider]

After the promo, MJF and Adam Cole vowed to take down Samoa Joe for all it’s worth and said they would be ready for whatever came their way.

Eris Bischoff says he wants AEW to succeed.

Eric Bischoff has not always been a big fan of Tony Khan. Be it about running the company or how he gives unlimited power to certain superstars, Bischoff has always ribbed the AEW president.

On a recent episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff said that despite all the criticisms, he still wants All Elite Wrestling to succeed.

“I want them to succeed… what I get upset about is loss of opportunity. But he keeps going down the same path and it isn’t working. It drives me nuts,” Bischoff said. [H/T Wrestling Inc]

It remains to be seen how Tony Khan will take to Bischoff’s latest comments.

What do you think of Eric Bischoff’s recent comments? Have your say in the comments below.

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